Sunday, 12 June 2011

Netbeans Geronimo Plugin

I was excited to find that a plugin available here was finally available for Geronimo app server in NB7 only to find it doesn't work for the latest versions of Geronimo.

There is a dependency on Geronimo version 2.0.2 which is still available from Apache archives, however there has been several security fixes since this release.

So I thought lets give Geronimo v2.0.2 a try and see if the plugin works, it doesn't. I can get web apps deployed if I manually start Geronimo via the plugin. The plugin fails to start Geronimo though.

Platforms RHEL5 and win7 have the same issues.

Oh well perhaps one day......


Anonymous said...

No link to the Geronimo plugin that you have a problem with. So, the problem is not ever going to be fixed. Simply because you haven't provided any info enabling anyone to find the sources of the plugin you're referring to. Oh well, one day.

Neil's netbeans stuff said...

Sorry about that and thanks for pointing it out, I wrongly assumed netbeans users would know where to look for plug-ins.

I have amended the posting to include the missing link.