Monday, 20 February 2012

Blog Name Change

Hello, guys and gals, from today my blog name is changing to reflect a truer title for the content.

For a while I have mostly posted about web app development and not just netbeans.

So from today my blog will be entitled "Neils Dev Stuff".

You can still expect netbeans stuff too.......

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

NetBeans 7.1 Released

The best version so far in my opinion, very stable loads of features great job.

From a web developers perspective my favourite features are the new re-factoring and CSS3 support.

For me NetBeans 7.1, EXTJS, PACKTAG and DWR are all you need to build good one page web apps.

Although not part of the release the new JSLINT plugin is really good, running JavaScript through jslint has saved me hours of debugging.

Get NetBeans 7.1 here for a full set of features go here.

Still no usable Geronimo support though.